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One of the main reasons that people hire a Houston car accident attorney after an auto accident is to help support the idea that there was negligence performed by the other driver. Negligence is a legal term that is often challenging to prove in many types of automobile accidents.

Defining Negligence

Generally speaking, individuals that have behaved in a careless or thoughtless manner are considered to be negligent when they caused harm to another individual. In a car accident, it may be a result of the individual speeding or driving through a red light. It can also be failing to stop to let a pedestrian pass or failure to yield to oncoming traffic. Even failing to turn on the lights of the vehicle during night driving can be defined as negligence when harm to another is involved.

Many individuals that have been involved in a serious car accident will hire a Houston accident attorney to help them support the case of negligence in a court of law. The attorney will endeavor to list all of the duties of the driver that caused the accident had to maintain the safety of everyone involved in the accident. Nolo.com indicates that when drivers fail to meet these basic rules of the road they can be found guilty of violating their duties of driving with reasonable care.[i]

The basic duties that drivers have to include driving the vehicle at a reasonable speed, always maintaining full control of the vehicle, and taking the proper time to remain vigilant and alert when behind the wheel. In addition, a Houston car accident attorney would indicate that it is the driver’s responsibility to maintain the car’s equipment to ensure it is in proper safe working condition.

While some vehicle accident cases can be handled without an attorney because of their straightforward obvious liability, more serious accidents require the skills of a competent lawyer.

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