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On Monday, September 23, a two-year-old boy named Samuel Zamudio was killed by five pit bull-mixes in his grandmother’s backyard.  There were adults in the house when the attack occurred, including the boy’s uncle, but no one noticed that the boy was missing until the grandmother returned home and asked about his whereabouts.

Samuel was found in the backyard unconscious, his clothes and body ripped to shreds.

The boy’s grandmother, Eustalia Zamudio, and the boy’s uncle, Marco Zamudio, were arrested for child endangerment resulting in death.  The grandmother owned the dogs and the property, and the uncle was responsible for the child.

Five adults and three children lived in the house, though the boy that was killed was only visiting.  In addition to the eight people living there, there were five pit bull mixes living in the backyard, and two additional dogs fenced in the front.  The five dogs responsible for the attack are now at the San Bernadino Animal Shelter and will likely be euthanized.

There had previously been complaints about the noise and smell resulting from the dogs, but there had never been any reports of aggression or violence.

This is a sad example of the fact that even if a dog has never been aggressive or violent before, even the first attack can be deadly.  Never trust dogs, no matter how seemingly calm they are, around small children.  Especially in groups, dogs can be very dangerous.

It is also important to note that even though the dogs were seemingly separated from the child, the child unknowingly entered the backyard.  Dogs should always be properly secured to protect children.

This is not the first incident of a dog attack in California this year.  In April and also in Colton, an officer shot a pit bull after it attacked its owner and killed another dog.  In May, a fatal dog attack occurred in Antelope Valley.  There is now pressure on legislators to draft stricter legislation to hold dog owners fully responsible for the actions of their dogs.

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