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It is especially serious when pedestrians are involved in auto accidents, as they do not really have any means of defense or protection against a vehicle. Recently, there were two separate accidents in the Dallas area, each involving pedestrians.

In each case, the pedestrians were attempting to walk across highways. The first involved a woman crossing Interstate 35W, who was not struck by a vehicle but caused an 18-wheeler and car to collide. The second, a man crossing Highway 114 was struck by an 18-wheeler. People involved in either of these accidents should consider contacting a Dallas personal injury attorney.

It is not clear at this point why either of these pedestrians was crossing the highways, but it is clear that this was not a safe decision. Fortunately, all of the people involved in these incidents survived, although the man who was struck by the 18-wheeler was sent to the hospital with serious injuries.

The details of why these accidents happened are still under investigation. Everyone involved in these accidents must be very careful about any statements they provide to the police and to the insurance companies. A Dallas personal injury attorney, including those at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP, would advise them as to what to say and what not to say.

If you are injured or experience any other type of loss, because of someone else’s negligence, a lawyer can help you explore your legal options. You may be able to receive compensation to cover the expenses and losses that accrued because you were involved in an accident.

This can be a very intimidating process, and emotions are typically going to be running very high. A Dallas personal injury attorney can make everything easier to understand, and can help take some of the stress out of the situation.