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In July of 2013, Rosa Esparza was riding the Texas Giant roller coaster at Six Flags, Amusement Park, in Arlington, Texas, when she suffered a fatal fall from the ride.  In September Esparza’s family filed suit against Six Flags, seeking monetary damages of $1 million.  The suit alleges that there were problems with the ride’s security system and that the cars shouldn’t have been released when the safety bars were not secured in the proper position.

Parties to the suit include Six Flags, Six Flags Entertainment Corp., Six Flags Theme Park, Inc., and Texas Flags, Ltd.

Six Flags is now denying liability in the suit, saying that it relied upon the expertise of Gerstlauer Amusement Rides, the German company that designed and manufactured the ride.

Six Flags claims that it met all the standards and requirements of Texas law, and also that it followed the manufacturer’s maintenance and operational instructions.

Following the accident, the ride was shut down and investigated, and no mechanical failure was found.  Since the accident, the ride has been re-opened, with new restraint bar pads and seat belts.

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