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If you suffer from heart disease, you might like to think that if you are on medication, you are doing all you can to protect yourself.  A new study proves that this is not the case, and that diet is a huge factor in preventing future cardiovascular events.

A very large-scale study published in the journal Circulation proved that when combined with medication, healthy eating leads to excellent results.  Those patients that had the highest quality diets (which included plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and fish) showed the following:

  • 19% reduction in stroke rate
  • 14% reduction in heart attack risk
  • 35% reduction in risk of death from any heart-related cause

These numbers remained consistent even in patients, not on medication.  This shows the immense power of one’s diet to influence health, even in patients with cardiovascular problems.  When combined, taking medication and eating a healthy diet yielded the best results.

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