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Injuries to the brain change your life and the life of your family, making even the simple things far more difficult and far more costly in many cases. That was exactly what was happening to a Brooklyn woman named Shirley Miller after a Duane Reed truck hit her in a 2008 hit and run. The injury was so severe that it caused brain damage and limited her capacity for communication. Miller and her family sued the driver of the Duane Reed truck as well as the company with the help of their brain injury attorney.

The battle was long and fraught with quite a few troubles along the way, but they finally reached a settlement for $22 million. While the money may not be able to take away the injury, it does have the potential to help make their lives at least a bit easier in dealing with the aftermath. This money will help to ensure the proper care of Ms. Miller, and it can help with the pain and suffering the injury caused to her and her family.

Whenever someone has to go up against a large company and their team of attorneys, the outcome of the case, even one that may seem as cut and dried as a hit and run case, having a great brain injury attorney on your side is essential. The attorneys have experience when it comes to handling these types of cases, and they can make sure you have everything in order when you are trying to deal with the opposing team’s attorneys. Whether you settle or have to go to court, good attorneys can prepare you for whatever comes next.

If you or someone in your family has suffered any type of personal injury, please be sure to contact a brain injury attorney right away.