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A camper’s stove is being blamed for starting a wildfire that blazed through 15 acres of Duro Canyon State Park in the Texas Panhandle.

No injuries were reported and no property has been listed as damaged. If anyone had been hurt, it may have been advised to seek out the advice of a Dallas personal injury lawyer such as Kirkendall Dwyer LLP who handles burn injuries and can give direction about what to do next.

The park was closed during the blaze in March as emergency personnel worked to put out the fire. It began on a Monday afternoon and burned throughout the day. Authorities said the camper used liquid fuel which is not prohibited under the burn ban in place. It doesn’t appear that the camper will be charged with any wrongdoing.

Burns can be a painful, debilitating injury that makes everyday functioning difficult or almost impossible. Kirkendall Dwyer LLP attorneys can highlight the four degrees of burn injuries which get more serious as the degree increases:

  • First degree, which damages the outer layer of skin.
  • Second degree, which damages the outer layer of skin and the skin just beneath
  • Third degree, where all layers of skin or damaged or destroyed, as are the tissues beneath.
  • Fourth degree is when the burn spreads all the way down to the subcutaneous tissue, the nerves, muscle, and bones. This burn, the most serious, can require skin grafts or transplants.

Complications from burns can include bacterial infections, a widespread infection that can lead to shock and organ failure, permanent damage to joints and bones and damage to blood vessels.

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