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Fracking is done in Northern Texas, but few people know that the Coast Guard may allow wastewater from fracking in the Appalachian Mountains to be taken by barge into waters off the coast of Texas. The barges would travel along rivers in the United States, and people who live near the rivers are alarmed at the risks of their drinking water becoming contaminated. A Houston personal injury attorney can advise clients if they feel that they have been harmed by wastewater from fracking.

RT.com has shared the posted draft policy of the US Coast Guard. While wastewater from shale gas extraction is now transported by trains and trucks, there is much interest in transporting it by barge, as well. The final disposal sites include Texas. Kirkendall Dwyer LLP can help you to recover financially from any personal injury you have suffered as a result of fracking or fracking wastewater.

It has been stated that shipping wastewater with barges would be safer than sending it by rail or trucks. If there is an accident with a barge carrying wastewater, it could threaten millions of people and their access to healthy drinking water. If someone in the area has been adversely affected by fracking or fracking waste, they can contact a Houston personal injury attorney to learn their possible recourse.

Barge transport into Texas also carries petroleum products and sulfuric acid. People who live in areas affected by these products should have a legal way to protect their rights against being poisoned by unsafe materials. Fracking harms the environment and many people oppose the process.

Exposing the rivers to wastewater is just one more way that the public in Texas is exposed to harm. Fracking uses the injection of chemicals deep into the earth, exploding the ground and pumping the water back out. The water must then be separated and disposed of, and those who feel that they are placed in harm’s way have a right to protect their land and their family, with the help of a Houston personal injury attorney.