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One recent morning, a man on Harry Hines Boulevard was hit by a vehicle, according to the Dallas Observer. This car then crashed into a second vehicle. Both drivers left the scene, and the man died in the road. A personal injury attorney in Dallas can help his family to bring the perpetrators to justice for his death. He can also help the family to gain compensation from the people who killed this innocent man, to pay for his final expenses.

The police did not find any crash scene witnesses, but they discovered what happened after they found the deceased man and the debris of a car. They believe that a vehicle in the left lane tried to avoid him, but struck him instead. Then that driver hit another car as it was swerving away from the pedestrian.

personal injury attorney in Dallas can use the police report of the first car, which was left at the scene – and which allowed police to track the owner – and ensure that he has compensated the family for their sad loss.

The second driver also had a damaged vehicle when he left the scene. Police traced car parts found at the crime scene to a suspicious vehicle and are aware of where that owner lives, as well. Kirkendall Dwyer LLP can make sure that he compensates the deceased man’s family.

The Dallas Police Department made a statement that charges will be brought against the driver who hit the man. They are pursuing the proper channels to the responsible parties. When they ID the person definitely at fault, they will be bringing criminal charges against him or her. After the police find the person at fault, a personal injury attorney in Dallas can work for the family of the deceased to receive compensation for their loss.