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It has become known that workers exposed to chemicals at the Niagara Falls Goodyear plant will have their health impacted for years. There have been links discovered that connect the chemical factory to bladder cancer, going back to the 1980s. 50 cases have been confirmed thus far that are linked to carcinogen exposure, according to Innovation Trail.

Workers exposed to danger without their knowledge can contact a personal injury lawyer to be compensated for their medical bills and for their pain and suffering. The workers have fond memories of the other employees and the atmosphere at the plant, and members of families often referred to other family members. Some of these, sadly, are also sick.

Goodyear made chemicals at the plant for about 30 years. One was made in black chip form, and it was later used in making tires. It prevents the tires’ synthetic rubber from breaking down. One main ingredient in black chip Nailex, ortho-toludine, is now identified as a cause of bladder cancer. Kirkendall Dwyer LLP can assist victims in cases like this in recouping money spent on medical bills.

Goodyear’s tire division has used the most ortho-toludine, but Michelin and Dunlop have also purchased the black chips. DuPont was a major supplier of the chemical beginning back in 1957. At that time, people didn’t know the dangers, but they did by the 70s and certainly by the 80s. A personal injury lawyer can advise cancer victims on pain and suffering and medical bills.

A chemical concoction at Goodyear called “recycle” had many chemicals in it. It also became a vapor, breathed in by employees who were never warned of its danger. A personal injury lawyer will advise victims of their rights since the company did not make them aware of the danger of these chemicals. A team from OSHA would eventually come into the plant late in the 1980s and they uncovered the link between the chemicals and bladder cancer.