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Houston is certainly not known for having much snow and ice on the roads, but on occasions, we do see bad weather. The month of January has seen below freezing temperatures and the possibility of unsafe roads and bridges.

Because Houston does not frequently see icy and slick roads, this does mean that there could be motorists who do not know how to drive safely in these conditions. The Texas Department of Transportation recommends that drivers extend their following distance to three times the distance they would normally leave between cars.

As any personal injury attorney in Houston will likely tell you, there are plenty of drivers out there who do not follow this recommendation. What happens when there is not enough space left between vehicles? When it comes time to stop, vehicles slide and cause collisions with other vehicles, into structures, or into areas that could have pedestrians.

If a driver strikes you, even if the accident was caused because the other person was unable to drive safely in bad weather, you should consult with a lawyer. After you make certain that everyone is okay, or cared for, call the police to have a report written.

Before you make any statements about who caused the accident, call a personal injury attorney in Houston, like Kirkendall Dwyer LLP. A lawyer will be aware of minor details that can make a major difference when it comes to your rights as a victim in this auto accident.

If you are injured because of a careless driver, you deserve compensation to help you recover from this incident. A personal injury attorney can help you better understand how to protect yourself and how to pursue a case against those who have caused you harm.