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Slip and fall injuries are quite often devastating to the people who are victims of them. In some cases, these accidents happen because a property owner was negligent in some regard and that negligence led to somebody else getting hurt. This is how lawsuits overslip and fall injuries happen.

An article in CNA.com offers some advice on how to document a slip and fall accident. If you happen to be involved in one of these accidents, consider the following advice.

As soon as the accident happens, try to determine why it happened. Take pictures if you need to and, in particular, take pictures of the area where you fell. You’ll want to document any liquid, debris, or anything else on the floor.

Be wary of anyone who approaches you and starts asking questions about the accident. They may be trying to get you to admit that it was somehow your fault when that isn’t the case. Don’t try to re-create what happened during the accident if you happen to be a witness to it who knows the victim.

If there was anyone around, however, who did see the accident occur, try to get them to make a statement about what happened. At least try to get their name, as your attorney may want to contact them in the future.

The article quoted gives advice for people trying to avoid lawsuits. Sometimes, that’s the best advice to take if you have good cause to file a lawsuit and want to know how the defendant will try to outmatch you.