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In November 2013, Police Officer Carden Spencer shot a man named Bobby Gerald Bennett, who is mentally ill. Spencer was terminated and may be facing criminal charges. His partner made up a false story that Bennett had come toward them with a knife. In fact, he had not, states the Dallas Observer Blog.

His partner, Officer Christopher Watson, told investigators that Bennett had stepped toward them with a raised knife. Spencer shot Bennett in the stomach, and Bennett survived. He was guilty of no crime, and his family can secure the services of a personal injury attorney in Houston since the man was shot without cause and faces pain after his injury.

The police discovered that Watson’s story was false when they got a look at the surveillance video from a neighbor of Bennett. Initially, the Dallas Morning News and the investigators believed the cop’s story. They didn’t say that he was lying, though – only that he may have been traumatized and not remember the actual event. They also felt that he might not have been given enough time to process this event.

Kirkendall Dwyer LLP can help families in situations like this when someone in their family has been unlawfully injured. Compensation is due, for the man’s medical bills and his pain and suffering. The Dallas Police Chief, David Brown, suspended Watson and stated that the police cannot advance on a person who poses no risk to the officers.

Watson can appeal this decision, but it is doubtful that anyone believes his story anymore. Bennett’s family may wish to seek out a personal injury attorney in Houston, who can ensure that the officer who shot the family member is made responsible for his actions. The family will be able to ensure that the medical bills for their mentally ill brother are paid and that he will receive funds for his pain and suffering.