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In late 2011, the blockbuster cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor’s patent expired, opening the market up to generic manufacturers.  Over 8.7 million people are on statin therapy, and now they would now have a much less expensive option available to them.

But this week, Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals, the company that had the exclusive rights to sell generic atorvastatin for the first 180 days after Lipitor went off-patent, pulled its products from shelves due to tiny shards of glass being found in their pills.  The company, which produces the pills in Punjab, India, has promised the FDA to stop production until it gets to the root of its production problem.

Doctors say that the problem should not cause serious health issues because the pieces of glass are akin to grains of sand being found in a pill.  However, it is still advisable to call your pharmacist to make sure you do not have a recalled batch of the drug, and find out from your doctor or pharmacist which other generic drug would be suitable for you.

The FDA assures patients who rely on the cholesterol-lowering drugs not to be worried about a shortage because several other companies produce this pill as well.

If you have been injured by this drug or any other, call us today to discuss your case.  We are happy to address any of your concerns and questions.