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Unfortunately, daycare negligence sometimes ascends to the level that children end up losing their lives. A recent lawsuit alleges that a daycare was negligent in not providing proper care for a girl who died alone in a bathroom after having a minor asthma attack. Profiled in KHOU, the lawsuit demonstrates some of the most common reasons that parents end up suing daycare centers.

Accident or Not?

When a child is hurt in a daycare center, there’s always a question as to whether it was accidental or the result of some sort of negligence. It’s important to remember that negligence isn’t necessarily the same thing as incompetence. An incompetent individual can certainly be negligent, but one need not be incompetent to be negligent. A highly skilled daycare worker can, for instance, miss the warning signs that a child is in immediate danger, fail to render assistance, and end up being one of the proximate causes of the child coming to harm or worse.

Most of the time, these lawsuits are filed by the parents on behalf of the child. The child receives monetary compensation for whatever they have been put through and, quite often, the family receives compensation for having to deal with the financial fallout. If your child was injured in a daycare setting and you believe that there was some sort of negligence involved, an attorney can generally offer their services, investigate the matter and determine whether it was likely that there was negligence and whether a lawsuit is in order.