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If you have been involved in a minor or major vehicle accident, with injuries and damages involved, you will need to decide whether you want to sue the other party. This often involves talking directly with a Houston accident attorney to handle the case and deal with the insurance companies of all concerned parties.

A competent attorney can find all the valuable remedies for providing adequate compensation for all the car repairs and medical expenses that will be involved in your case. They can handle issues involved when the other party in the accident has underinsured coverage by finding ways to make up for the monetary shortfalls of their policy. Typically, the attorney works hard to ensure that you will be compensated for your pain and suffering along with physical, mental, and emotional distress.

Hiring a Houston car accident attorney is a quick solution for filing a civil lawsuit in a court of law. They will begin with filing a petition (or complaint) with the court. There will be a specific limitation after the date of the accident where the lawsuit can be filed. The filed complaint will list any allegations about the defendant (the other driver) involved in the accident.

A competent Houston accident attorney will have the skills in dealing with the other insurance company and possible lawyers should the other driver use an attorney. Your attorney will be fully prepared for any type of motion filed by the defendant. Attorneys.com[i] indicates that these motions could include:

  • Motion for removal
  • Motion for a venue change
  • Motion to dismiss

In addition, the attorney will work hard during the discovery phase of the case when investigating all the facts of your accident. This includes examining documents and interviewing witnesses to be fully prepared in a court of law. Typically, cases are complex and require the dedicated skill of a competent Houston accident attorney to deal with all the details to reach a successful conclusion.

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