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On any given week, a Houston personal injury attorney will talk with a potential client inquiring about the defamation actions of another individual. This might be a neighbor, previous employee, or another individual that is spreading vicious lies and harmful rumors in the community. Many of these types of cases involve slander, or libel when there is specific defamation of an individual’s character.

Typically, defamation is considered the utterance or display of a false statement concerning other individuals that could cause that person great harm to their reputation. Slander is typically described as happening when defamatory statements have been made through non-fixed (transitory) representation. This is typically spoken aloud. Libel is much like slander, except that it is made in a fixed or printed medium such as a newspaper, magazine or blog.

Defending the Injured Party

Usually, the injured party hires a Houston personal injury lawyer as a way to seek remedy for the damage. This requires the skills of a competent attorney that can use the most serious tool for fighting defamation – the actual truth. However, not every case is so cut and dried. Sometimes, attorneys use “privilege” as a way to provide the proper defense that is needed to stop the defamation and be compensated for the damage. This type of response is often used when it is challenging to undermine the defamation, no matter how outrageous or false it is.

When the injured party takes on their own defamation, libel or slander case, they usually have unsuccessful outcomes. Because of that, it is important to hire skillful a Houston personal injury lawyer that has years of experience in handling these types of cases. The skill and experience of the attorney can help work the case through the court system to hopefully find a positive outcome.