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Investigations are currently underway to determine the level at which people have become ill after consuming a Greek yogurt that has been recalled.

There has been a voluntary recall of about five percent of the Chobani Greek yogurt product. The cups involved did appear swollen. They were made in Twin Falls and had expiration dates between September 11 and October 7, 2013. A personal injury attorney in Houston, Texas can help victims to get any medical bills repaid, as well as secure money for any lost work or pain and suffering.

Chobani, the maker of the yogurt, states that mold was the issue and that it affects quality but not health. Nevertheless, nearly 90 people have complained of feeling ill after they ate Chobani yogurt, according to KHOU TV. Kirkendall Dwyer LLP knows all the rules applicable to product recalls and can help people who became sickened by this or any other foods that have been recalled.

Chobani spokespeople have stated that they take the illness claims seriously, and they welcome anyone contacting them with any concerns they might have. They say that they will investigate every claim. The company states that it will get back in contact with anyone who has emailed them during this time.

One victim stated that she became ill within two hours after she ate a Chobani yogurt. She already has an autoimmune disease, and this could have been a serious health event for her. A personal injury attorney in Houston, Texas will be able to determine how the yogurt company will help this woman and other victims.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) looked into each report, and Chobani started an investigation. It is important for the company to know the history of what was eaten and what symptoms the victims have. Reputable attorneys help in handling cases of this type, to make sure that the victims are treated properly.