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Massive Auto Accident Leaves Death and Injury

A driver who had been speeding in traffic in Baytown on Highway 146 lost control of his vehicle and it veered into the lane of oncoming traffic, stated local police in a statement to KHOU.com.

This driver had a Pontiac Vibe, and it crashed into a Lincoln. This impact threw the Vibe into the way of a truck being driven for FedEx. Kirkendall Dwyer LLP could help the victims in this case to secure compensation from the family of the man who caused the accident so that they will not be responsible for their medical bills and pain and suffering.

The driver of the Vibe could not be medically helped, and he died at the scene of the accident. He had lived in Dayton, and the police had not yet released his name. People who were close to the accident scene heard the sound of the crash and they rushed out to help the driver and passengers in the black Lincoln.

The Lincoln driver and his passengers were businessmen who had been traveling together in that car. Each was worried about the other occupants of the car. They were all conscious and they were all in a good deal of pain, and the helpers tried to keep them comfortable until help arrived. A personal injury lawyer in Houston could be retained to make sure that these businessmen are compensated for their medical treatment and pain and suffering.

The three victims in the Lincoln had multiple injuries, including some broken bones. Their condition was not life-threatening. They were taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston by Life Flight. The man who had been driving the FedEx truck had a leg injury and was transported by ambulance to Baytown’s San Jacinto Hospital. They can all use the services of a personal injury lawyer in Houston to gain compensation for their injuries.