About Us

Kirkendall Dwyer LLP – Personal Injury Law Firm

Alexander Dwyer and Andrew Kirkendall are the founding partners of Kirkendall Dwyer LLP.  Two attorneys with diverse backgrounds, they came together with a singular goal: to build a personal injury law firm that brings its clients the best results through the most personal, compassionate legal service on the market today.

Our attorneys know that personal injuries can devastate your life, no matter what form they take.  Whether you have been in a motor vehicle accident or have been injured by a drug or medical device, you are not just in need of legal advice.  Our attorneys will invest the time and resources to make sure you can get back on your feet.   At Kirkendall Dwyer LLP, you are not just another case file.

Andrew and Alexander bring extensive experience to the firm: whether it is the courtroom or the negotiation table, you can rest assured that you have the brightest and most dedicated attorneys fighting for your rights.  Our attorneys’ diversity of experience is our firm’s greatest strength.  Read more about our attorneys below.

Alexander Dwyer is a seventh-generation Texan, a life-long resident of Houston, and an accomplished attorney. Alexander combines his well-honed trial skills and detailed understanding of the law to achieve successful results for his clients. READ MORE.

Andrew Kirkendall began his legal career at the litigation boutique McKool Smith in Dallas, where he represented a Fortune 500 company in a contract dispute, represented a CEO in an employment dispute, and advised a company regarding trademark issues. READ MORE.

Patrick Cowan is a personal injury lawyer located in Little Rock, Arkansas and practicing throughout the state of Arkansas. Patrick graduated from Hendrix College in 2003 with a double major in Business and Economics and in Computer Science and Mathematics. READ MORE.

Nash Thomas grew up in Grove, Oklahoma, on Grand Lake, tucked away in northeast Oklahoma. After earning a degree in Economics from the University of Arkansas, he attended the University of Oklahoma College of Law. READ MORE.

Stephanie Sherman is a serious personal injury attorney who has spent nearly twenty years helping victims and their families get compensation for their injuries. Stephanie is an accomplished litigator with a nationwide practice covering serious personal injury and wrongful death cases resulting from the negligence of others. READ MORE.

Candice McNabb Candice McNabb’s dedication to her field is evident in both her educational background and legal experience. She tirelessly worked as a legal assistant during the day while pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in American Jurisprudence at the University of Houston in Clear Lake. READ MORE.